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Movies & TV shows & books I check out in 2014

I was not good at checking out new things in 2013. 2014 will hopefully be different.

The Backup Plan (Jan)
Ted {May}
Maleficent {June}-movie theater
Bogus {June}
Little Women-1933 {July}
Fame High - doc - {July}
The Notebook {August}
Little Women-1949 {August}
Parenthood {September}
Quints {September}
30 for 30-Tim Richmond - doc - {September}
Anaconda {09/23}
Can't buy me love {Nov}
Frozen {Nov - used Redbox promo code from Mcdonald's Monopoly game}
Sex Tape {Nov - used Redbox promo code from Mcdonald's Monopoly game}
Blended {Nov - used Redbox promo code from Mcdonald's Monopoly game}
Smart People {December}

Young & Hungry {July}
Mystery Girls {July} - dropped after 1st episode
Orange is the new Black {July}
Finding Carter {July}
Leah Remini's reality show {July}
Dominion {July} - dropped
Girl Meets World {July}
Raising Asia {Summer}
A Walton Easter {TV movie - Labor Day}
A Walton Thanksgiving {TV movie - Labor Day}
A Wedding at Walton's Mountain {TV movie - Labor Day}
Day of Thanks at Walton's Mountain {TV movie - Labor Day}
Mother's Day at Walton's Mountain {TV movie - Labor Day}
The Brittany Murphy Story {TV movie - 09/07/14}
The Real {September}
Celebrity Name Game {September}
blackish {October}
Selfie {October} - dropped after 1st episode
Manhattan Love Story {October} - dropped after 1st episode
Chicago Fire {October} - randomly watched after a preview looked good -episode when firetrucks collide.
Masterchef Junior {November}
Santa Con {TV movie - December}
The Homecoming; A Christmas story {TV movie - December}

Check out my Goodreads profile. My goal is to read 50 books this year!
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Attention Whedonland alum!!

Aimee had a fantastic idea that since whedonland is closing she is going to have a reunion phase once a year. This will be open to all past and present members!!! Come check out the post and fill out the poll!

I think a few people on my list are alums so that is why I am posting it here. I hope some of you are interested! I think it is going to be fun. :)
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Pimp Post

Massive pimp post ahoy!!

potter_land which is a land community for Harry Potter fans. I am on Team Helga. Make sure you tell the mod that I sent you!!

capsanyone is a great caps resource. You can also request caps there. I am a maker there (well when my computer cooperates).

landofart which is a land community for art lovers. There is a wide variety of art related challenges (and some non-art related ones from time to time). I am on Team Steampunk {also a mod}. Check it out! Make sure you tell the mod that I sent you!!
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My friends cut is completed. If you can see this entry, you have survived the cut.

I haven't done a cut in years so this was a little strange to do. I went from 131 friends to 85.

If you were cut it was either because you had a dead journal, we don't talk, we never connected, etc. If you feel this is an error, PM me. However, please do not PM me to yell at me for cutting you. I have no time for dramatic messages and it will be ignored.

To my remaining friends: This journal is going to be more raw and open. I am not holding back anymore. If TMI or emotional things bother you, I suggest you de-friend me. I am looking to start fresh. I have said before 2012 is going to be a year of good changes in my life. I want my friends list to be full of good people who will keep it real with me.
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Wheldonland pimp post

Hey everyone. Check out my favorite land community. I know some of you are already there so just ignore this. ;)

Do you enjoy the tv shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Angel? Firefly? Dollhouse?

If yes to any of the above than you should check out and join whedonland! whedonland is a land community based on the works of Joss Whedon. The community has a lot of different challenges for all sorts of tastes such as icons, games, & writing. It has something for everybody!

So check out whedonland and tell them hermionesparkle from Team Buffy (a.k.a. the best team) sent you! :)