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2018 - Entry 01 - Movies & TV shows & books I check out in 2018

I failed at checking new things out last year especially movie wise. Let's hope I do better this year.

Just a reminder that I don't count shows/movies I have seen before... unless I forget I have already seen them before like I have in years past.

Young Bess - March
Everything, Everything - April
50/50 - June [ILU, JGL!]
Power Rangers [2017] - November [I kinda loved it. Billy is my faveeee]
Life-Size 2 - December

TV Movies/Mini Series/Docs
Versace : American Crime Story - January
Courage to Soar - The Simone Biles story - February
Heart Like a Hand Grenade - April
Mourning Son - April
Little Women [PBS] - May
RBG - September
Jonestown : Terror in the Jungle - November

America's Next Top Model [started watching again, new season] - January
Versace American Horror Story - January
Grownish - February
The Magicians - February
The Alienist - February
The Voice - February
Good Girls - March
American Housewife - kinda started with new eps in April
Brooklyn 99 - May ..only seen a few of the new eps.
Renovation Realities - Dale Jr and Amy - June
Dale Jr. Download - June
Secrets of the zoo [based at Cbus zoo] - July
Little Life on the Prairie - August
Sweet Home Sextuplets - September
Single Parents - September
A Million Little Things - September
Murphy Brown [reboot] - September
The Cool Kids - September
Busy Tonight - October

Check out my Goodreads profile. My goal is to read 40 books this year.
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