Jamie (hermionesparkle) wrote,

2017 - Entry 04 - Pimping my own community

Just in case anyone on my friends list that hasn't seen this yet and is interested.

This round will be focusing on just characters.
lims_btvs | Signup | Challenge #1 - Oz

I also made some Willow icons for the last round at tvcharacter20 (so weird it'll be closed in a few days. I've ran it forever! Anyways, I am hella rusty at icon making but I liked a good chunk of this set. Also, you can find the link to my new icon journal over at DW in the icon post. I have yet to be active really over there yet (nor really here either, haha, oops!).

the rest are here at shadowed_icons.

Edit - If you are creating your communities at DW, be sure to pay attention to your posting access settings. I had some random maker posting at my back up at shadowed_icons over there!!
Tags: #1, hobby: communities, hobby: graphics, post : promo
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