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2017 - Entry 01 - Movies & TV shows & books I check out in 2017

2016 I watched a lot of TV but not a ton of movies. We'll see if we can even it out this year.

Just a reminder that I don't count shows/movies I have seen before... unless I forget I have already seen them before like I have in years past.

The Big Lebowski (February)
Scandal at Scourie (September)
Ghostbusters {2016} (September)
Just Like Heaven (December)

TV Movies/Mini Series

Meet the Putmans (January) / series in September
Long Lost Family (February)
Three Days to Live (March)
Hollywood Darlings (April/May)
Diana, our mother [doc] (July)
The Nineties (August)
Expecting (September)
The Orville (September)
Will & Grace [reboot] (October)
Young Sheldon (October)
Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (October)
Unexpected (November)
Titanic 20 years later with James Cameron (December)
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper Musical Revolution (December)
Hodges Half Dozen (November or December)
Christmas Story musical (December)
Can't Stop, Won't Stop..the Bad Boy story (December)

Check out my Goodreads profile. My goal is to read 32 books this year.
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