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2016 - Entry 25 - We've been Gilmored


I meant to write this on the day it came out (25th) but decided to sit on my thoughts for a few days/was too wrapped up in other things.

I ended up going to sleep before 3AM when GG was released, on purpose. I got up in the morning and sat in my pjs until I finished all 4 episodes. I started a notepad file of my thoughts later that day and have added to it as I have processed it all. So these are my jumbled up thoughts broken into categories (well somewhat).

Favorite episodes:
Spring and Fall.

Overall thoughts:
- THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE of my other fandoms were somehow involved. Parenthood with THREE people in it, Buffy the Vampire Slayer got mentioned twice!!! (I squealed when Rory said 5 by 5), and Little House on the Prairie!!!! That made me happy for some reason, lol.
- Paris stole the show. I love Luke even more now.
- All the Richard stuff was so nice and so needed and lovely. His presence was there.
- I adored most of Lorelai's clothes. Rory's wardrobe was kind of meh.
- I need a OST with the songs featured (well not so much the musicals, maybe the last song). Hep Alien needs an album. Now.

Things I didn't like:
- THE LACK OF LANE ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?! They used her as a background character. I get why not a lot of Mrs. Kim but lack of Lane is not cool.
- The whole Berta story line was such a stereotype and the language thing stopped being funny after the first joke about it. It was cute that Emily kind of adopting them all as her new family but it was really weird.
- Lorelai and Rory making fun of people's bodies at the pool was SO gross and out of character. It wasn't funny and I am not happy with ASP about the body shaming.
- Paris freaking out about Tristan although I think it was more about Doyle. However, that scene was amazing but the reasoning behind it was just funky.

--Thoughts by episode (sorta):--
- Kirk's Ooober bit killed me especially him driving Lorelai to Emily. Kirk comedy gold.
- Lorelai throwing bagels at Kirk while at Luke's had me belly laughing!
- I felt so bad for Paul but that is so Rory because she lives in Rory's world. Her man stuff always pisses me off and these additional episodes added more fuel to that.
- I love that Michel is married. I wonder if he got Celine Dion to sing at his wedding, hehe.
- So many questions about Sookie like would she really leave her kids like that? It seemed implied that Jackson was still in town so wtf. They had 3 kids and we still don't know the gender of the last one. *sigh*.
- Luke and Taylor is amazing & enjoyed their little fist bump at one point.
- The wifi password things was hilarious.
- The random famous chefs bit was funny but I cringed with Rachael Ray was on. I don't like her very much and the way she kept moving her hands was really distracting. Stop.
- The Richard painting & Lorelai with the Gandalf joke that made Rory spit her drink out, haha!
- The Mario Andretti reference. :D
- Random appearance by Digger but it was a nice moment.
- When Luke said he considers Rory some of his kid...there was a tear.
- Paris's job was not what I expected her to be doing but it is such a fit for her so kudos to the writers for that.
- I was SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to see Alex Kingston. I had forgotten that she was going to be in it! I adored how she played her character.
- Gypsy telling Lorelai she hates her car and she needs a new one was cracking me up. I am surprised that Jeep was still around!
- Totally sad that Doyle and Paris were split up but their banker cracked me. For some reason I was surprised that they had kids. I am not sure why. I did enjoy that they had Doyle being a screenwriter and Danny Strong is now a screenwriter, haha!
- That scene with Emily and Lorelai in the kitchen. Um, get them all the awards. Now.
- The awkward Emily hug with Luke.
- Kirk being asked to be excused so he can go play soccer with the kids, haha.
- Lorelai's reaction to Emily in jeans was PERFECTION.
- Paul Anka dressed as Luke. Hahaha.

- Really enjoyed seeing Rory get angry and less boring in this episode. Nice to see Alexis's acting chops kind of fly free instead of being reserved.
- Emily and Lorelai in therapy is golden television.
- The trust with Luke was kind of weird but SO Richard and Emily. That scene was really well done.
- Mrs. Kim (!!) and OMG MR. KIM?!?! I thought it was funny they just randomly dropped him in there with no explanation. The poor scared choir and the tambourine scaring them all.
- The poor gay pride parade and Luke only caring about his hut. It was so Taylor to try to do the parade to get more tourists.
- Hello the real Paul Anka, did not expect that. Lol.
- I liked the girl that played Sandee in Bunheads but her character was really annoying. But I am kind of glad that Rory got some karma towards her for treating the job/Sandee that she was beneath her. /horrible
- Paris at Chilton could have been half of the episode and I would have loved it. Like I said before, I didn't like why she was in the bathroom freaking bout that scene was amazing. When she preventing the door from opening with her foot, I belly laughed so hard that I about fell off my bed. No joke! I laugh everytime the gif of it shows up on Twitter.
- I cringed when Logan's dad popped up. Ew. And also ew at Logan & Rory. Logan is engaged, Rory was with Paul. I would have been fine with them screwing around if they both weren't going with somebody. The whole thing was just gross.
- MMMMMMMAAAAAAEEEEE WHITMANNNNNNNN!! Oh and hey Michael Ausiello! Haha! I did like the random line stuff but um, Rory sleeping with the guy dressed as a Wookie. Hello, random. Rory freaking out about it was funny as was Lorelai's reactions. Alexis was really good in that scene.

- Like I said already, the judging of the bodies was soooo gross. However the Rory yelling at people "I'm not back!" was a nice little throwback.
- It was nice to see April and nice that it was so brief. Lol! Her character is about what I expected her to be at her age. I did like the moment between her and Rory in Rory's bedroom.
- The 30-something gang both cracked me up, made me sad, and scared me. Hahaha!
- The MS-DOS on the computer was funny at the Gazette.
- The secret bar thing was so fun (loved when Babette nearly gave it away at the town meeting). I was really sad about Michel leaving (but does he really leave since Lorelai was supposedly buying that massive house that really didn't look like it had room for a spa but whatever). Him telling Lorelai not to cry was so sweet.
- The musical..... I mean some parts of it was funny and I do enjoy Sutton Foster but it ran way too long. And I was sitting there going "wtf" along with Lorelai.
- I used to HATE Jess. Y'all know this. But I really enjoyed him in this. I loved that he came to Luke's to help him rescue TJ and Liz (lol at the newest trouble they got themselves into with the veggie cult).
- The headstone thing was so sad. Emily doesn't want Richard fully go so she wants it perfect and it was heartbreaking.
- Not amused at the random Jack guy. I am glad that wasn't a huge thing.
- Lorelai freaking out about Rory's book both surprised me but didn't. That scene was acted reallly well though!
- Lane trying to protect Rory from herself with the whole calling Logan thing was AWESOME. It was funny and sweet, like their friendship. Lane is the best bestie ever.
- The Luke and Lorelai spat in the diner made me sad.
- Lorelai wanting to do 'Wild' was really unexpected but I knew she was totally broken. And I panicked because there was only one episode left, haha!

- I used to hate the Life & Death brigade on the first run and while I did roll my eyes when they showed up, it was pretty good. I liked the way it was shot but it did run a bit too long.
- The goodbye with Rory and the boys like Wizard of Oz was totally adorable.
- The goodbye with Rory and Logan was fantastic. Well overdue and really well acted. Matt and Alexis have such great chemistry. It's too bad they are both flops, haha.
- Rory going to Gilmore house to write in Richard's study give me so many feels especially when she saw him sitting at the desk. So. Many. Feels.
- The Jess and Luke talk was cute but sent me back to being annoyed at Jess, HA!
- Lorelai wrestlign with her backpack was so frekaing funny and OMG she watched Snapped!!!!!!! I love that show, I am watching it right now. /weirdo
- The call with Lorelai to Emily talking about her birthday. I straight up sobbed. Get Lauren & Kelly a freaking Emmy for that. My favorite scene of the revival.
- Luke talking to Paul Anka about the steak and blowing on it for him was so precious.
- I really loved the way Rory and Lorelai made up. It was perfect for them.
- Ugh, Christopher. We made it so long and yet there he was again. It was a good awkward scene though and after I saw the ending, I knew why it was necessary.
- The whole scene at the DAR with Emily was perfection and you can NOT tell me otherwise.
- I was sad that Emily sold the house but it made sense in order for her to move on.
- LOVED the Emily and Lorelai deal for the loan. It was super cute. And full circle which was obviously the theme of this whole thing.
- DEAN! I really liked how they did that scene especially the last bit and him telling Rory to pay for it this time. SO CUTE!
- SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I loved the 15 billion cakes for Lorelai, the convos they had, the sniffing the smells of the other chefs, and her yelling at Michel. Perfection and everything I needed for Melissa's cameo. I was worried it would be awkward and rushed. But it wasn't. <3
- The way the town was decorated for the scene with Luke and Lorelai's wedding was so pretty. And the wedding was so sweet, simple, and heartfelt. I may have cried seeing them finally getting married. And when I saw who the witnesses were. Love that it was Lane and Michel.
- Poor Paul finally pulling the plug on the relationship.
- I was right about the last 4 years. I wasn't obsessed with them like some people were. It just made sense to me with that is how it was going to end. I was totally fine with it. However, I would not have been fine with it 9 years ago when the series ended. I am glad it happened the way it happened and it is happening to Rory at 32 and not 23. People are acting like this is the worst ending and it didn't need to end full circle and that Rory didn't learn from Lorelai's "mistake". I disagree. Rory was clearly flailing against the wind. She needs roots and reasons for doing things. Plus she is a writer, she can live in one place and raise the child on her own while making a living. It's not the end of the world & she hasn't "ruined" her life. Since Logan is the father, I am sure he will help support the child but from a distance. Rory is like her mother where she will want to do things her way. I just feel it was meant to end this way. Logan is the Christopher and Jess is the Luke.
- I wish we knew what Luke and Lorelai were going to do about their own child. It was kind of unsolved. Also wish we knew when Rory found out that she was pregnant. Obviously around the time of the talk with Christopher so I just wondered how far along she was at the end.
- I wish we could see how everyone (especially Luke and Emily) react to the pregnancy news but I am not greedy about it. I am so grateful that we got these 4 episodes and that nearly everyone was able to be in it. My Gilmore heart is very full and happy.

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