Jamie (hermionesparkle) wrote,

Friends Only..comment to be added

If you are here for my icons, you can find them at shadowed_icons. My maker tag.
If you are looking to check out my communities, you can find them at free20in20 (now closed), lims_btvs, and tvcharacter20.

My journal is friends only for a few reasons.
1. I get personal. I talk a lot of about my life and don't want that info on public. I post what I want as it is my journal. I write mostly about real life but LJ communities and fandom stuff gets in there too.

Okay, I lied, just one reason.

Comment on this entry if you are interested in being friends. Or you need to tell me something about a community that I had entered. Or if you just wanna say hey. I am a comment whore and not too terribly picky (and I have adblock if you try to put something dirty). <3
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