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just along for the ride [HERMIONESPARKLE@lj.com]

because she's worth it

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24 February
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Jamie. 33. Female. Ohio. Looking for work (again, ugh). Virgin who can't drive. Trying to figure it all out. Sensitive. Single. Pisces. Silly. Anxious. Going through the motions.

Likes: laughing, candy, icon making, love, hugs, photographs, reading, fangirling, texting, sleeping, DVR, sparkly things, & being a major goof.

Dislikes: anxiety problems, tornadoes, liars, unfounded hate, heights, needles, people who judge others before getting the facts, braggers, & bees.


TV: gilmore girls, btvs, angel, house md, that 70's show, er, charmed, dharma & greg, reba, king of the hill, full house, modern family, bringing up bates, parenthood, the big bang theory, mike & molly, mama's family, party of five, once upon a time, little house on the prairie, the waltons, family guy, outdaughtered

Movies: harry potter films, moulin rouge, now & then, the mummy series, the austin powers series, bring it on, clueless, disney films (mulan, great mouse detective, lilo & stitch, jungle book, aladdin, lion king, goofy movie, etc.), shirley temple movies. i love movies from the 1990s.

Books: harry potter series, the babysitters club, non-fiction, & biographies.

Music: backstreet boys, green day, the beatles, kelly clarkson, p!nk, eminem, & again anything from the 90s.

Sports: baseball (cleveland indians), NASCAR (jeff gordon/dale jr./elliott sadler/jamie mcmurray/bubba wallace/ryan blaney/chase elliott/tony stewart), nfl (browns, patriots, & cowboys), & gymnastics (women's & men's artistic).


My communities that I either own/post at/mod:
Most active: lims_btvs, tvcharacter20, shadowed_icons.

Random/Hiatus: free20in20, mkalims, crownedroyals, nascarland.

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